Tungsten Carbide
    We specialize in Tungsten Carbide as well as Titanium, and we can usually pay top dollar for these two items and beat our competitor's prices.  More specifically: Carbide inserts. Our buyers love buying them from us since they are cleaned so well.

    Inserts are not the only type of Carbide we buy. We also buy PDC cutters, C-grade, boring bars, end mills and drills. We will gladly look at any carbide you have and give you the most current price for it.

    We also buy Tungsten Powder, but we always ask for a sample of the material. The powder must be sent away to be analyzed for its chemical content, since shooting it with an Innovex or Niton Alloy Analyzer will give inaccurate results. This also applies to any other type of powder you may have.

    If your company is within the Houston Metro area and have more than one hundred pounds of material, we are able to pick up your material so you wouldn't have to ship it over, free of charge.  We are also able to weigh up your material on our Certified Scales.

        Used PDC Compacts                    Used Carbide Inserts
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