Rare Metals
    We buy earth metals such as Tantalum.  Tantalum is a rare, yet easily fabricated metal which is sought after for its electrical and heat conductivity, and its resistance to corrosion.  Tantalum is often used in chemical plants and for electrical components.  We will also buy any other rare metal scrap, such as Niobium (Columbium). 

    We will buy:
  • Tantalum Powder
  • Tantalum Sheets
  • Tantalum Plates
  • Niobium-Titanium Scrap (Turnings and Solids)
  • Ferro-Niobium
    Please tell us if you know the chemical composition of your scrap.  Otherwise we may have to ask for a sample, as many of these metals are priced on a contained basis.

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